Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari Tour is an exciting journey where participants visit the expansive desert lands surrounding Dubai, in an open 4×4 vehicle. It consists of such activities as dune bashing, camel trekking, and entertainment with live bands performing traditional Arabic songs.

Enjoy the desert safari in Dubai and experience the warmth of the innards of the earth. Then you can see the sun setting amidst the dunes creating a magical scene while seated at a traditional Bedouin camp. It is a place that embraces great memories.

In the vast Desert with its dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding excitements awaits a fun-filled adventure. Beautiful sunsets and traditional Bedouin camps can be enjoyed by tourists. In the desert, this is one thrilling experience.

Why did we opt for Dubai Desert Safari?

We selected the Desert Safari experience in Dubai due to its exciting nature on the beautiful desert land. There is no other thrill to the dunes bashing and sandboarding. It is truly the best combination of adrenaline mixed with the environment’s purity.


We took part in camel riding, watched traditional shows, and ate a nice barbeque here with Bedouin culture. It was a memorable way to enjoy the heritage and scenery of Dubai.

Desert safari that has won awards

Adventure in the Dubai desert is offered on an award-winning desert safari. Known for providing excellent services the trip involves activities such as dune bashing and sandboarding. There has been a lot of recognition showered on this safari for its high quality service provision.


In the evening, guests enjoy a visit to a luxury Bedouin camp. They have experienced cultural performances and a gourmet BBQ dinner. This premium experience sets it apart from other desert tours.

Where to book a Dubai desert safari

You can book a Dubai desert safari through online travel platforms like Viator and TripAdvisor. These websites offer various packages and customer reviews to help you choose. It’s a convenient way to compare options and prices.


Local tour operators in Dubai also offer direct bookings. Companies such as Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventures are highly recommended. Booking with these operators can provide unique and customized safari experiences.

Desert safari ticket prices

Desert safaris in Dubai are offered in different packages and are priced depending on what is included in each package. Normally priced between $50 to $70 per head, this range qualifies as the most common rate for basic packages tailored just for you. Dune bashing camel ride and BBQ dinner at a standard desert camp are some of the activities you can look forward to during your desert safari trip in Dubai.


If you wish more exclusive offers like personal visits, own tours, or posh amenities, count the cost lying between $100 and $300 PER PERSON for what you’re offered. There can be unique activities within them as well as aristocratic eating houses and tailor services that mostly make you happy depending on what you have.

How about choosing a suitable outfit for a Dubai desert safari trip?

Loose comfy clothes are simply a must for everyone planning to engage in a Dubai desert safari. This includes taking into account the high warmth by wearing such light smooth garments like cotton or linen,” advises Travelodge Microtel Inn Suites by Wyndham Palm Desert Area. Sunburn and sand are averted by keeping your arms long-sleeved as well as your pants on.


Bring along closed-toe shoes so that you don’t get sand in your shoes and your feet are covered. Go for tough shoe wear like canvas sneakers or even boots which are great for hiking and also provide good traction on sand when you are going to the beach dunes. Also, do not forget to pack sun hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens to protect your skin from sunburn while out there taking a ride around these dunes with us as we explore unknown paths on foot without any fear because others like me will be watching over you every step of this safari.

At what time should we go on a desert safari?

A desert safari in Dubai is most fun when it’s during the winter season which falls from November all through to March when the temperature ranges between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius in the daytime making it cool enough hence make such like dune bashing as well as camel riding enjoyable.


It is recommended that you not go out in temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius which happen between June and August. Grassroots outdoor activities may be too hot as well as dangerous because of the high temperatures recorded during this period.

Overview of the experience

Dubai’s desert landscape offers an amazing experience that you will remember forever from Desert Safari. This is a thrilling adventure deep into the desert where tourists get the sights of unbridled dunes. Whether it is time to bash the dunes in an adrenaline rush or have serene moments on top of a camel everyone has their fun.


The tour begins by taking a thrilling ride over the desert dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. The Visitors experience the exhilaration of speeding over sandy slopes with practiced drivers at the helm. These individuals will be given numerous other choices including but not limited to riding camels, doing sand boarding, and quad biking; all these options take place within that solitude seaside desert land.

Possible Activities



Dune Bashing

Exciting off-road drive over dunes

Camel Riding

Leisurely ride on the back of a gentle camel


Thrilling experience of gliding down sand slopes

Quad Biking

Adrenaline-pumping ride on desert terrain


This unique opportunity to observe trained falcons

Evening Entertainment

Desert safari visitors go to a classic Bedouin camp for some fun. In this place people can watch Tanoura shows or get entertained by belly dancing acts that reveal their rich past life situations typical of the area thus making it all seem so lively and colorful.

Under the stars’ bright canvas visitors can have a taste of a delicious BBQ dinner. The dinner usually has an assortment of cuisines that are local and international, thereby appealing to everyone’s taste. The experience of desert safari is made unforgettable with a mix of culture, food, and a way of taking it easy during the night for entertainment.

Traditional Bedouin Camp

The real-life of a typical Bedouin in the desert can be seen through a traditional Bedouin camp. In them, vacationers have a chance to enjoy genuine Bedouin hospitality by relaxing in luxurious tents in addition to other resting moves. 


Cultural activities such as henna painting or smoking shisha are available at the camp. The quietness and tranquility that can be felt here amidst the wild desert says it all.

Cultural Performances

Cultural performances on a desert safari include mesmerizing belly dancing and Tanoura shows. These performances showcase the vibrant traditions and artistry of the region.


The desert’s rich cultural legacy can best be experienced with skilled musicians and dancers entertaining guests’ performances. It is so fascinating and this increases the festivity of the event.

BBQ Dinner

The desert safari BBQ dinner is composed of numerous grills and domestic meals. This flavorful cuisine can be enjoyed by guests against the starry sky in a desert.


There are dishes to suit all tastes in the evening buffet which includes local biryanis besides Chinese noodles among other international dishes available. This forms a delicious high point when compared with other activities on this particular night.

Types of Desert Safari

Here are some types of Desert Safari:

  • Morning Desert Safari: A range of activities such as dune bashing and sandboarding are available for those who are early risers to enjoy in the early morning hours when it is still cold.
  • Evening Desert Safari: Feature exciting desert dune bashing trips, camel rides, and a BBQ at night followed by cultural performances at a Bedouin Camp.
  • Overnight Desert Safari: Offers star watching plus a sunrise view, and a full night experience in the desert.
  • Private Desert Safari: Custom experience with a private car and exclusive events appropriate for two or a few people that are organized for the satisfaction of individual needs.
  • Luxury Desert Safari: Characteristics of the prime services are listed here, which include sumptuous feeding as well as their exclusive luxurious camps in the secluded deserts.

Benefits of Desert Safari

VA desert safari has more to it than excitement it’s an opportunity to get out of town and see the desert’s beauty while engaging in different thrilling activities such as sand bashing or camel riding.


The desert safari is a way of fully taking part in local culture and traditions and it also entertains through traditional dances, songs, dressing up plus some food samples of Bedouin hospitality at its best. It is an adventure with a cultural discovery aspect that one experiences once in their lif

Frequently Asked Question
Is desert safari safe?

Desert safaris are generally safe when conducted by experienced drivers who observe safety measures.

What can I put on for a desert trip to Beaumont?

Dress in bright, airy clothes and with covered-muzzle shoes for the sake of shielding yourself against both the harsh sun and endless earth.

Are meals included in desert safari packages?

Yes, many desert safaris include meals and the meal is usually a barbeque dinner served at a traditional Bedouin camp.

Can children participate in desert safaris?

Many desert safari operators offer a family fun experience that will make every child have fun including the very young ones.

What does a desert safari include?

Dune bashing, camel riding, boarding across the desert’s grains, as well as cultural performances are the usual activities at the camp.


The Desert Safari offers tourists an opportunity to take an exciting tour through the desolate region that surrounds Dubai, an unforgettable experience awaits you as you take this trip. Golden dunes will come into view and you will get to appreciate the absolute beauty of the desert landscape. Such activities as dune driving that involve skilled drivers navigating through sandy soil using 4×4 vehicles deliver thrilling moments.

Desert Safari offers various activities that meet different preferences. You can camel ride, sandboard, quad bike or even watch falconry demonstrations. Therefore such an adventure presents the finest manner to explore the desert sceneries since it will leave an enduring memory about Dubai life.


Package Includes


  2. PICKUP TIMING IS 2:00 PM TO 2:30 PM













  15. NO HIDDEN CHARGES                  

For an unequaled adventure in Dubai, consider our late desert safari. This trip melds the uproariousness of Arabic tradition with the admiration- inspiring display of nature, delivering a blend of exhilaration and conspiracy. We assure you, this passage will be a deeply informational and invigorating occasion in your actuality. The stunning nobility of the desert will enchant you, as you explore a new hand of the vast, sun kissed ocean of shimmering golden beach. Embark on an late desert safari unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in a plethora of pleasurable capers, similar as camel peregrinations, sandboarding, and quadrangle biking. For those who have a partiality for haste, we have got an stirring bus racing option available. The exhilaration- campaigners amongst you can conclude for a daring 4X4 drift bashing experience. This is just the launch; we have got a plethora of other choices that include henna tattooing and photography. As dusk falls, you can delight witching belly cotillion and tanoura performances. Experience one of the most alluring backfires and BBQs then. Indeed seasoned RVs will find desert boarding a new experience, with the highlight being waking up to one of the world’s most stunning suns. Do not miss the chance to discover the desert’s untamed beauty with us during an late desert safari.

This package has no minimal party restriction; it can be profited indeed by a single person. still, for the stylish experience, a group of six would be ideal as you would have an entire auto to yourselves without participating it with other guests. Given that desert safari is an audacious exertion, it isn’t recommended for children under 3, awaiting women, and seniors, particularly those with aft issues. We can, still, arrange a private auto to take you directly to the camp for other conditioning. Auto seats for children are also available.

Our professional motorists, trained in first aid, insure your utmost safety. Our vehicles are equipped with roll coops for inhabitant protection in the rare event of a roll- over. We use 4×4 Land Sedans for our safaris and from the moment you step into our vehicles, you’re ensured.

Be sure to bring a camera to capture the stirring desert lookouts. Wear comfortable apparel and avoid bringing jewelry or precious widgets as there’s no network content at the camps. Do not forget to savor the Arabic coffee at the camp and groove with our belly cotillion !

Beach SKI
One of the highlights of the desert safari is beach skiing. Ski down from the loftiest stacks on a ski board; the soft beach will buffer your cascade. It’s an stirring experience that everyone should try. For the stylish beach- skiing experience, we recommend the red drift safari.

CAMEL journey
Set off on a serene camel journey, delighting the evening from atop the loftiest drift as you make your way to the camp for drinks and regale.

Prepare for an energetic day in the desert by dressing comfortably. Opt for light, breathable clothing during the day to keep cool, and bring something warmer for the evening when temperatures might drop. Also, don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, as they will be your best ally for navigating the sandy terrain!

We offer flexible payment options to make booking your journey simple. To guarantee an enjoyable experience, we accept a variety of methods of payment. For more details on how to effectively finish your booking, please in contact with us.

Are you prepared for the fantasy safari in the desert? Making a reservation is simple! Simply get in touch with us via our website, phone number, or email, and we’ll walk you through the quick and easy booking procedure.

Our Desert Safari trips are scheduled to provide you with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture, and adventure of the desert. Make the most of your time in the desert by getting in touch with us for a customized tour duration!

Our Desert Safari trips are scheduled to provide you with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture, and adventure of the desert. Make the most of your time in the desert by getting in touch with us for a customized tour duration!

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