A trip across the nighttime desert environment of Dubai can make you rethink what adventure is all about. This thrilling, enjoyable, and novel voyage promises a life-changing experience that will never be forgotten. You’ll discover that you’ve discovered a new aspect of yourself after returning from this amazing adventure. There is nothing like lying on a sandy bed under a starry canopy for a sensation that words cannot describe. This trip promises to provide unforgettable experiences when you return by giving you the opportunity to partake in some of the most amazing outdoor activities. A word to the wise, though: this fascinating adventure could turn into an addiction.


For an unequaled adventure in Dubai, consider our late desert safari. This trip melds the uproariousness of Arabic tradition with the admiration- inspiring display of nature, delivering a blend of exhilaration and conspiracy. We assure you, this passage will be a deeply informational and invigorating occasion in your actuality. The stunning nobility of the desert will enchant you, as you explore a new hand of the vast, sun kissed ocean of shimmering golden beach. Embark on an late desert safari unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in a plethora of pleasurable capers, similar as camel peregrinations, sandboarding, and quadrangle biking. For those who have a partiality for haste, we have got an stirring bus racing option available. The exhilaration- campaigners amongst you can conclude for a daring 4X4 drift bashing experience. This is just the launch; we have got a plethora of other choices that include henna tattooing and photography. As dusk falls, you can delight witching belly cotillion and tanoura performances. Experience one of the most alluring backfires and BBQs then. Indeed seasoned RVs will find desert boarding a new experience, with the highlight being waking up to one of the world’s most stunning suns. Do not miss the chance to discover the desert’s untamed beauty with us during an late desert safari.

This package has no minimal party restriction; it can be profited indeed by a single person. still, for the stylish experience, a group of six would be ideal as you would have an entire auto to yourselves without participating it with other guests. Given that desert safari is an audacious exertion, it isn’t recommended for children under 3, awaiting women, and seniors, particularly those with aft issues. We can, still, arrange a private auto to take you directly to the camp for other conditioning. Auto seats for children are also available.

Our professional motorists, trained in first aid, insure your utmost safety. Our vehicles are equipped with roll coops for inhabitant protection in the rare event of a roll- over. We use 4×4 Land Sedans for our safaris and from the moment you step into our vehicles, you’re ensured.

Be sure to bring a camera to capture the stirring desert lookouts. Wear comfortable apparel and avoid bringing jewelry or precious widgets as there’s no network content at the camps. Do not forget to savor the Arabic coffee at the camp and groove with our belly cotillion !

Beach SKI
One of the highlights of the desert safari is beach skiing. Ski down from the loftiest stacks on a ski board; the soft beach will buffer your cascade. It’s an stirring experience that everyone should try. For the stylish beach- skiing experience, we recommend the red drift safari.

CAMEL journey
Set off on a serene camel journey, delighting the evening from atop the loftiest drift as you make your way to the camp for drinks and regale.

Package Includes

  1. 280 AED PER PERSON 
  2. Pick up & Drop back at your hotel
  3. Dune Bashing Session
  4. BBQ Dinner – Veg & non-Veg optional dishes
  5. Fresh Fruits & Sweet
  6. Welcome Arabic Tea / Coffee / Water
  7. Henna Painting (Limited)
  8. Belly Dance with Traditional Music
  9. Fire Show & Tanura Dance
  10. Long Camel Ride

Night in the Desert

  1. Sleeping Bags & Tents Provided
  2. Blankets & Pillows Provided
  3. Bonfire – Upon Request Only

Note : Minimum 4 Persons Are Required

Package Includes

  1. Pick-up Time: 14:30 Hrs – 15:30 Hrs
  2. Drop Off Time (Next Day): 07:30 Hrs – 08:00 Hrs
  3. Total Duration: 18:00 Hrs (Approx)

Additional Packs (PAID)

  1. Bar Counter
  2. Unlimited Henna Painting
  3. Sheesha (Hubble Bubble) at your table
  4. Quad Bike / Dune Buggy
  5. Pictures with Falcon


  1. Break Fast in the Desert at 07:00 Hrs
  2. Bread Slices with Butter & Jam
  3. Tea & Coffee

Prepare for an energetic day in the desert by dressing comfortably. Opt for light, breathable clothing during the day to keep cool, and bring something warmer for the evening when temperatures might drop. Also, don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, as they will be your best ally for navigating the sandy terrain!

We offer flexible payment options to make booking your journey simple. To guarantee an enjoyable experience, we accept a variety of methods of payment. For more details on how to effectively finish your booking, please in contact with us.

Are you prepared for the fantasy safari in the desert? Making a reservation is simple! Simply get in touch with us via our website, phone number, or email, and we’ll walk you through the quick and easy booking procedure.

Our Desert Safari trips are scheduled to provide you with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture, and adventure of the desert. Make the most of your time in the desert by getting in touch with us for a customized tour duration!

Our Desert Safari trips are scheduled to provide you with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture, and adventure of the desert. Make the most of your time in the desert by getting in touch with us for a customized tour duration!

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