Morning Desert Safari is a sight to behold, but what’s more important is seeing the desert wilderness and the beauty of the morning. There’s something magical about the morning in the desert. It gives you a wonderful feeling. Don’t miss a chance during your trip to Dubai to experience the amazing desert safari that awaits you with all its power and elegance. You’ll feel as if you’re lost in a world made of a giant sea of golden glittering sand and huge dunes. Everything looks so perfect. If you’re looking to spend your vacation away from the city in a tranquil and peaceful environment, then you can’t skip the Morning Desert Safari.


A Brief Overview

We offer tailored packages for all of our clients. We design our packages based on the needs of our clients. For those who don’t want to spend the night in a desert safari, they can go for a desert safari in the morning. The only thing that is important is that you never miss an opportunity to visit this amazing piece of nature’s beauty. Make sure to visit Arabia and get a glimpse of this exquisite beauty of the Dubai desert from a completely different perspective. Morning in the desert is amazing, and the sunrise view is simply indescribable. As you leave the glamorous Dubai, you’ll get an opportunity to see the region in a spectacular and refreshing way. We’ll provide pickup service for all the visitors and you’ll be on your way to nature’s masterpiece. Once you start your journey, you’ll realize that this trip will be a life-changing experience. There are plenty of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy.

We provide customized packages to meet the needs and preferences of each of our customers. When creating packages, we concentrate on creating experiences that match each of our customers’ interests. If you prefer to skip the overnight safari, our morning safari is perfect for you. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Dubai, you’ll be able to witness the region’s incredible natural beauty in an exciting and tranquil way. With our pickup service, you can start your journey into the enchanting, barren desert from the comfort of your own home. Travel the empty roads and you’ll soon realize that this experience will stick with you for years to come.

We can provide you with a private car that will take you straight to the camp so you can enjoy the rest of the activities if you need to.

Safety is our number one priority. All of our drivers are licensed and have first aid training, and all of our cars have protective roll cages.

Picture yourself setting off on a thrilling voyage into the core of Dubai’s sandy expanse. A Desert Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience brimming with pulse-racing activities, traditional shows, and awe-inspiring vistas. It transcends the concept of a mere tour, offering a profound exploration into the essence of the desert.

Dune Bashing is the epitome of excitement! Envision yourself in a sturdy 4×4, triumphantly scaling towering sand hills, riding the wave of ascent and descent with heart-pounding velocity. It’s akin to a wild rollercoaster ride, but amidst the boundless, serene desert.

Immerse yourself in the desert’s traditional essence with our Camel Rides! These tranquil journeys across the dunes provide a peek into the ageless desert lifestyle. The ride duration is just right, allowing you to relish every moment without feeling hurried.

We’re excited to welcome young adventurers! Children below a certain age can participate in the safari at no additional cost. For specific age limit details, please feel free to reach out to us.

Get ready for a day filled with thrilling adventures! Pack wisely: include sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for daytime use, and a light jacket for when the evening temperatures drop. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all the magical moments!

Prepare for an energetic day in the desert by dressing comfortably. Opt for light, breathable clothing during the day to keep cool, and bring something warmer for the evening when temperatures might drop. Also, don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, as they will be your best ally for navigating the sandy terrain!

We offer flexible payment options to make booking your journey simple. To guarantee an enjoyable experience, we accept a variety of methods of payment. For more details on how to effectively finish your booking, please in contact with us.

Are you prepared for the fantasy safari in the desert? Making a reservation is simple! Simply get in touch with us via our website, phone number, or email, and we’ll walk you through the quick and easy booking procedure.

Our Desert Safari trips are scheduled to provide you with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture, and adventure of the desert. Make the most of your time in the desert by getting in touch with us for a customized tour duration!

Our Desert Safari trips are scheduled to provide you with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture, and adventure of the desert. Make the most of your time in the desert by getting in touch with us for a customized tour duration!

Package Includes

  2. Pick up & Drop back at your hotel
  3. Clean and Air-Conditioned 4×4 Land Cruiser
  4. Dune Bashing Session -40 Minutes
  5. Camel Ride
  6. View Point Of the Desert – Photo Point
  7. Sand Boarding
Note : Minimum 4 Persons Are Required

Package Includes

  1. Pick up Time: 07:00 Hrs – 07:30 Hrs
  2. Drop Off Time: 11:00 Hrs – 11:30 Hrs
  3. Total Duration: 04:00 Hrs (Approx

Additional Packs (PAID)

  1. Quad Bike , Dune Buggy 
  2. Exclusive Private 4×4 Vehicle
  3. Refreshments – Water & Soft Drinks
  4. Horse Ride
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